Thanks so much for heeding the call.

ICON’s intrepid volunteer Director of Fund Raising writes:

My sincere thanks go out both to ICON’s longtime supporters and to those who so generously stepped up to the plate last week. With your help, Fairfield’s rich cultural life will come alive again: On that first live Art Walk, your investment in ICON and the cultural life of Fairfield will pay off, not only for you but also for your friends and neighbors.

Our major financial goal is to make it through until ICON’s biennial silent auction in December, featuring the works of many Iowa artists. But we have to get there from here, still no small task. If you haven’t donated this year or can swing an additional donation, we would be so grateful!

It’s easy to donate online using a credit card or PayPal account by clicking this link. And I hope you will consider becoming a monthly sustaining member. It’s virtually painless and very helpful to ICON in managing its finances.

With your help, Fairfield will again excel. — Randy Dillon

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