Even during lock-down, all SE Iowa penguins will be welcome at ICON Gallery. If you’re a penguin, please contact us for field trip information.

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Thanks so much for heeding the call.

ICON’s intrepid volunteer Director of Fund Raising writes:

My sincere thanks go out both to ICON’s longtime supporters and to those who so generously stepped up to the plate last week. With your help, Fairfield’s rich cultural life will come alive again: On that first live Art Walk, your investment in ICON and the cultural life of Fairfield will pay off, not only for you but also for your friends and neighbors.

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Judy Bales — Red Gold Crinkle

“Red Gold Crinkle” — art fashion

From “Structure and Flow: Art Fashion by Judy Bales” avant garde fashion works displayed as sculptural objects in the gallery. Bales considers her work to be a hybrid, combining fiber, sculpture, and fashion in ways that blend and blur the edges of all three. In her fashion works she incorporates the industrial materials she favors for her sculptural objects, creating unusual and dramatic fashion statements. While her work is frequently presented in runway venues, involving dynamic movement and human interaction, this exhibition will display the work as sculptural objects. Coming in late 2020, ICON Gallery, Fairfield Iowa.

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Geoffrey Baker Retrospective — ICON Gallery Walk-Thru

Curator Bill Teeple introduces the works of painter Geoffrey Baker at a retrospective show in ICON Gallery, Fairfield Iowa, in August 2019. Geoffrey Baker was a professor at MIU, and his paintings inspired students and collectors for many decades.

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Joanie McGinnis — New Work

“Happiness” — acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″, 2020.

We love to show off new works by regional artists. One of Joanie’s latest pieces is showcased above, and we thank her for this contribution to Now on ICON. To see more of her paintings, we encourage you to visit her artist’s website.

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Directory of Iowa Museums & Galleries

We just posted a listing of the addresses and websites of all the museums and galleries we could find in Iowa. Please let us know if we left one out, or if corrections are needed. The list is on our new Resources page. — Museum Directory.

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New Video by Michael Barnard

In this 40-minute film artist and filmmaker Michael W. Barnard leads the viewer on a walk-through of his recent 6-decade retrospective exhibition at ICON Gallery. Additional informed commentary by Professor Matthew Beaufort illuminates.

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Announcement: How to Participate on Now

All visitors can, of course, browse through all the posts, without registering or joining anything, and we hope you’ll find something interesting and stimulating. Our hope is that what you find here will inspire you to try something new, explore deeper into the arts and creativity, or just have some fun or amusement.

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What Comes after Post-Modernism?

“Tourist” — photo ©2017 by Allen Cobb. All rights reserved.

In brief, Post-Postmodernism (aka “whatever we call that which follows Postmodernism”) is characterized by an accessible infusion of the artist’s personal quest for growth. How “accessible” this is will, of course, vary widely. And what characterizes “artist’s personal quest for growth” will also vary widely. But the essential idea is that the creation of art is intrinsically a path of personal evolution, not a process for producing artworks. The artworks are nothing more than beautiful evidence of that growth, stepping stones left behind by the artist in his path to self-realization.

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Get the ball rolling. Or the chain swinging . . .

Untitled kinetic sculpture, 19″ tall, ballchain, structural components, stepper motor, controller.

I guess it’s time to post something that’s not an announcement, eh? Here’s a video of a kinetic sculpture I’ve been working on recently. I find ballchain more than a little fascinating, as anyone who made it to my 2017 show at ICON Gallery is well aware. Ballchain has an incredible “drapability” that makes it hang and flow a little like cloth, but with an amazing capacity to stay untangled and orderly. This piece explores some of that fluidity using centrifugal force and inertia and rhythm. The stepper motor driving the ballchain is, at times, almost musical.

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