Get the ball rolling. Or the chain swinging . . .

Untitled kinetic sculpture, 19″ tall, ballchain, structural components, stepper motor, controller.

I guess it’s time to post something that’s not an announcement, eh? Here’s a video of a kinetic sculpture I’ve been working on recently. I find ballchain more than a little fascinating, as anyone who made it to my 2017 show at ICON Gallery is well aware. Ballchain has an incredible “drapability” that makes it hang and flow a little like cloth, but with an amazing capacity to stay untangled and orderly. This piece explores some of that fluidity using centrifugal force and inertia and rhythm. The stepper motor driving the ballchain is, at times, almost musical.

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4 Responses to Get the ball rolling. Or the chain swinging . . .

  1. Janet Teeple says:

    I love the ball chain kinetic sculpture. Also love the tiny assemblage with the Eiffel tower.
    Can you put the other photos of these tiny arrangements you did for your ICON show?

    • Allen says:

      I can, but I was hoping for more contributors to join in. Like you and Bill and Cris and Joanie, etc. I don’t want it to look like I’m monopolizing the feed.

      Also, if we’re aiming for one per day, I should hold back a little. But it’s nice to prime the pump, so to speak, and get some good variety into the first few days. So visitors have more to look at.

    • Allen says:

      I discovered, to my shock and amazement, that I never took pictures of the 5 transparent cube installations on the wide shelf in my show. If you and Bill have any, I’d love to get a set. I can’t believe I never did a “portrait” shot of each cube.

  2. Allen says:

    Well, I’m commenting on my own post, just to make sure everything works. This video is also posted on Vimeo, where you can find some other material. Or YouTube, but I don’t have a personal folder there.

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