Cheryl Jacobsen — Do You Have the Patience to Wait

100%Do You Have the Patience to Wait ⚊ collage, 2009

Cheryl Jacobsen is a freelance artist in Iowa City. She has collected a basement full of rusty, odd, cool, discarded things that need to be combined with other rusty, odd, cool, discarded things.

She considers herself to be a matchmaker for these objects and finds immense pleasure when she can put them together in the ways they really should be despite what they were originally made for.

 Cheryl is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Iowa’s Center for the Book where she teaches a variety of classes including a history of lettering, and several classes in modern calligraphic hands. She also runs a freelance studio creating manuscript books, commercial lettering, documents, and art for all sorts of people and organizations. Cheryl loves collaborations, materiality, expressive marks, teaching, and especially living in Iowa City where she can pursue all of those things on a regular basis.

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