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Geoffrey Baker Retrospective — ICON Gallery Walk-Thru

Curator Bill Teeple introduces the works of painter Geoffrey Baker at a retrospective show in ICON Gallery, Fairfield Iowa, in August 2019. Geoffrey Baker was a professor at MIU, and his paintings inspired students and collectors for many decades.

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What Comes after Post-Modernism?

In brief, Post-Postmodernism (aka “whatever we call that which follows Postmodernism”) is characterized by an accessible infusion of the artist’s personal quest for growth. How “accessible” this is will, of course, vary widely. And what characterizes “artist’s personal quest for … Continue reading

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Get the ball rolling. Or the chain swinging . . .

I guess it’s time to post something that’s not an announcement, eh? Here’s a video of a kinetic sculpture I’ve been working on recently. I find ballchain more than a little fascinating, as anyone who made it to my 2017 … Continue reading

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