About This Page

ICON has hundreds of artist friends, contacts, neighbors, contributors, exhibitors, associates, colleagues, patrons, students, and creators. We’d like to provide access to them and their work on this page. Since NOW is a new site, at the beginning this list will be spotty and inconsistent. We will be adding new people to this list as fast as we can, but please bear with us, as our web design resources are limited. If you’re not listed, do let us know, and we’ll try to get you onto this page ASAP. We’d like to know your full name, email, types of art, website, and any other info that might help reveal who you are and what kind of art you create. Please see the Artist List instructions at the bottom of this page.

ICON Artist List

Bill Teeple – Educator, curator, artist – graphite, oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media.

Janet Teeple – Design.

Allen Cobb – Graphics, sculpture, mixed media, composing, sound design, photography, poetry, lit. fiction, essays., See also Brain Frieze and The Rules on Amazon.

Elaine Duncan – Artist, illustrator. Since the early 60’s, Elaine Duncan has been painting, drawing, sculpting, and teaching art with a unique flair for the unexpected. Her work is infused with whimsy and a touch of mischief, while revealing a deep familiarity with the silence that underlies all artistic expression. She currently favors drawing and mixed media. Her book of futuristic petroglyphs, Feathered Space, is available on Amazon.

Joanie McGinnis – Oil, acrylic, mixed media, watercolor, photography. Instagram: joanie_mcginnis_art.

Artist Listing – Join us by emailing us your contact info.

Please include your first & last name, your website (if you have one), and your phone. We’ll post only what you ask us to post (see below).

If you’re an artist, please let us know that, and what kind of art you create.

If you’re not an artist, please let us know why you’d like to be listed.

Feel free to include comments on this site, or our main site (, or our gallery in Fairfield, Iowa.

What we will post on this website

If you want to be listed, please request the items you want us to post (even if this info appears elsewhere in your email):

  1. Your first and last name (as you want them displayed)
  2. Your website URL
  3. Your email address
  4. Your phone number
  5. Your artist statement or description of your work (see current entries above)

NB: We won’t post anything unless you explicitly ask us to post one or more of these items.

We look forward to hearing from you! You can also email our Curator directly: Bill Teeple