Announcement: How to Participate on Now

All visitors can, of course, browse through all the posts, without registering or joining anything, and we hope you’ll find something interesting and stimulating. Our hope is that what you find here will inspire you to try something new, explore deeper into the arts and creativity, or just have some fun or amusement.

If you want to comment on any of the posts, please feel free to do so. ICON-Now provides three ways to participate:

  1. Any visitor can add comments, provided they register. This is usually done while writing your comment — the website will ask for your name and email, and that’s all you need to do. If you check the “Remember me” box, then we’ll save that info for the next time you write a comment.
  2. You can also just register, without commenting, at any time. Scroll to the bottom of any page, and click the “Register” link in the right corner. You can then enter your name and email.
  3. To post whole articles (instead of just commenting on them), you must become a Contributor. Please contact us via phone or email to discuss how you can contribute to the site.

IMPORTANT: None of your personal information will be used for spam, and we will not send any of your information to any other sites, except to check if a comment itself contains spam. Click on the Privacy button on the navigation bar at the top of any page to see all our privacy details.

NOTE: Your very first comment will not display immediately. An ICON staff member will check to make sure it’s legitimate before posting. Once it’s approved, your subsequent comments will post immediately. There’s a lot of spam and offensive material out there, and we’re doing our best to keep this site friendly and open, without advertising or inflammatory content.

Please also note that we created this ICON-Now page during the corona virus epidemic, when no one is allowed in art galleries, many people are sheltering at home, and all our normal activities have come to a halt. We hope to offer a taste of what ICON Gallery normally provides to our local community and the region of SE Iowa and the Mid-West, and we also imagine that some visitors to this site may find a way to assist with the rent, utilities, and other ongoing expenses (donate). Thanks for coming. Enjoy the site!

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