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Creative items from around the region, to keep spirits high and creativity flowing.
MASK CONTEST: New Dates—June 1 – July 31. Prizes August 7. More info.

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Jim Weidle — My Kid Could Do That

“My Kid Could Do That” — oil/canvas, 36″ x 24″ (2020)

Jim Weidle is a long-time Fairfield painter who has shown his work at ICON and at galleries in New York and around the country. He is known for his extraordinary attention to detail, while eschewing photo-realism for an exploration of how the stasis of paint on canvas can evoke the unbounded exploratory nature of vision in a field of light.

Jim writes, “Painting has the decency to hold still, as few dare or can, permitting one’s eye a tiny but wild freedom: to travel as it will.” See more of Jim’s work at WeidleArt.com.

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Richard Diebenkorn ⚊ Untitled (Ocean Park)

Untitled (Ocean Park) ⚊ acrylic, gouache, crayon, charcoal on paper, 23″ x 29″, 1979

Richard Diebenkorn (American, Bay Area Figurative Movement, 1922–1993): Untitled (Ocean Park), 1979. Acrylic, gouache, crayon, and charcoal on paper; 23 x 29 inches (58.4 x 73.7 cm). © The Richard Diebenkorn Foundation. [This artwork or photograph is posted in accordance with fair use principles.]

“In 1954 Life magazine called his work ‘abstract landscape,’ a term which could be applied to the Ocean Park series. Diebenkorn began the series, which would eventually grow to more than 140 paintings, in 1966 … Daily walks to his studio took him through the Santa Monica Park, which he explored in this series of large canvases. The paintings echo each other: Formal aspects ⚊ the ruler-straight lines, some visible, others almost rubbed out ⚊ and the sensuous blended colors recur in most. But each finds this ‘abstract landscape’ in a different mood almost becoming a chronicle of the light and composition at play in the park and the adjoining ocean.

“Never a doctrinaire Abstract painter or Realist painter, Diebenkorn rejected identification with any one school. Indeed, the Ocean Park series, the culmination of his work as an artist, may be seen as a combination of abstract, realistic, and specifically Californian approaches to art.” (pbs.org, © WGBH Educational Foundation.)

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Cheryl Jacobsen — Do You Have the Patience to Wait

Do You Have the Patience to Wait ⚊ collage, 2009

Cheryl Jacobsen is a freelance artist in Iowa City. She has collected a basement full of rusty, odd, cool, discarded things that need to be combined with other rusty, odd, cool, discarded things.

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Bill Teeple Announces Mask Decorating Contest — NEW DATES!

ICON is staying engaged with the community through special events. The event for June is a mask decorating contest. Submit a creatively decorated protective mask between June 1 and July 31. Please be sure to include your contact information!

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Sue Hettmansperger — Iterations Series 4

Iterations Series #4 ⚊ collage, 11″w x 12″h, 2020

Sue Hettmansperger has been recognized for elaborating the traditions established by early 20th century American Modernists such as Marsden Hartley, Arthur Dove, and Georgia O’Keefe. Using a limited palette, abstracted forms, flattened spaces, and inventive gestures, she creates transcendental and emblematic representations of nature.

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Even during lock-down, all SE Iowa penguins will be welcome at ICON Gallery. If you’re a penguin, please contact us for field trip information.

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Thanks so much for heeding the call.

ICON’s intrepid volunteer Director of Fund Raising writes:

My sincere thanks go out both to ICON’s longtime supporters and to those who so generously stepped up to the plate last week. With your help, Fairfield’s rich cultural life will come alive again: On that first live Art Walk, your investment in ICON and the cultural life of Fairfield will pay off, not only for you but also for your friends and neighbors.

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Judy Bales — Red Gold Crinkle

“Red Gold Crinkle” — art fashion

From “Structure and Flow: Art Fashion by Judy Bales” avant garde fashion works displayed as sculptural objects in the gallery. Bales considers her work to be a hybrid, combining fiber, sculpture, and fashion in ways that blend and blur the edges of all three. In her fashion works she incorporates the industrial materials she favors for her sculptural objects, creating unusual and dramatic fashion statements. While her work is frequently presented in runway venues, involving dynamic movement and human interaction, this exhibition will display the work as sculptural objects. Coming in late 2020, ICON Gallery, Fairfield Iowa.

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Geoffrey Baker Retrospective — ICON Gallery Walk-Thru

Curator Bill Teeple introduces the works of painter Geoffrey Baker at a retrospective show in ICON Gallery, Fairfield Iowa, in August 2019. Geoffrey Baker was a professor at MIU, and his paintings inspired students and collectors for many decades.

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Joanie McGinnis — New Work

“Happiness” — acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″, 2020.

We love to show off new works by regional artists. One of Joanie’s latest pieces is showcased above, and we thank her for this contribution to Now on ICON. To see more of her paintings, we encourage you to visit her artist’s website.

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