Carla & Duncan Brown — Mauve Guy SR

“Mauve Guy SR” — processed photo, inkjet on archival paper 19″ x 13″ (2020)

The artists report that, “We photograph parts of cast iron street gratings that feature an environmental message: DUMP NO WASTE and DRAINS TO WATERWAYS. Between these phrases is a bas-relief sculpture of a trout, the subject of our photos. We have located over 200 such grating in Indiana and Michigan and Illinois and taken over 5,000 photographs of them.” Visit to view more trout from their collection.

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More Art Auctions Yet to Come!

The “little auction” was our first test of an online auction system designed for charitable organizations. The “big auction” was such a success that we’re planning a sequel! Stay tuned for further announcements, or visit our main website:

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Judy Bales — Golden Armor 01

“Golden Armor 01” — art fashion

Another piece from “Structure and Flow: Art Fashion by Judy Bales,” originally scheduled for late 2020 at ICON Gallery, Fairfield, IA. Due to the continuing pandemic, this show is now postponed until (hopefully) sometime in 2021. See previous Judy Bales posting for more about Judy.

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New ArtScorer Post on Resources Page

Check out our Resources page now and then for new and interesting discoveries.

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Geoffrey Baker — Early Divers

Geoffrey Baker – Early Divers

Beloved to all who knew him, Geoffrey Baker was Professor of Art at Maharishi International University (then Maharishi University of Management) in Fairfield, Iowa from 1979 until he passed away in 2011. Many remember him for his delightful series of Sunday morning lectures on Art, Music, Literature, and Consciousness on the MIU/MUM campus. His spirit, humor, wit, creativity, sweetness, and appreciation for beauty touched hundreds and hundreds of lives.

Prior to teaching in Fairfield, Professor Baker was a well-established painter and educator in England. He taught at the Camberwell School of Art in London, where he associated with a renowned group of artists including Sir Stanley Spencer, R.B. Kitaj, Dodie Masterman, Phillip Matthews, and Richard Kennedy. He displayed in galleries throughout England, including Leicester Gallery, South London Art Group, and frequently at the Royal Academy, which purchased one of his paintings.

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Joanie McGinnis — Jazz Impressions: Dreaming in Yellow

“Dreaming in Yellow” — acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″ (2020)

Joanie writes: This is another painting from my new series titled “Jazz Impressions” which will be on exhibit in a solo show at Iowa State University in the Spring of 2021.

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Luchita Hurtado Dies at 99

For years she worked in the shadow of her artist husbands and more famous peers, painting at night when the children were asleep. Then a trove of her work was discovered.

See the full article about Luchita Hurtado in the NY Times.

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Elaine Duncan — Untitled

Untitled — colored pencil on paper, 9″ x 7″ (2020)

Since the early 60’s, Elaine Duncan has been painting, drawing, sculpting, and teaching art with a unique flair for the unexpected. Her work is infused with whimsy and a touch of mischief, while revealing a deep familiarity with the silence that underlies all artistic expression. Her book of futuristic petroglyphs, Feathered Space, is available on Amazon.

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Mask Contest Winners!

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Care Connet — Awake

Awake — oil with clear gesso on birch panel, 19.5″ x 19.5″ (2020)

“Awake,” a wood duck seen from the back rising with wings and tail spread, is one in an ongoing series of birds of America which I call the “Alae” series. I am fascinated by the wings and tails of birds, all the variation in shapes and colors, and how they all function to allow the bird to fly.

Curving back on myself, I create again and again. Art is a personal expression of my inner awareness flowing out from my mind and heart through my eyes and hands, a meeting of spirit and matter. What intriques me ranges from what I see with my eyes – nature in its infinite variety as well as manmade objects – to geometric forms, cultural icons and images from my inner vision.

— Care Connet

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